KT88 for deep bass ?

Hi, icurrent production, which have more deep bass ?
Gold Lion ?

Im using SED KT88 -C-  with excellent bass but i need replace.

(i tried EH , i dont like, thight bass)
Hi, thank you.

I have MC275 MK6, comes with stock tubes KT88 EH

My ex MC275MK5  remember use SED KT88 =C= 

i replace with this SED to my MKVI and it's better in all freqs.
Bass very deep.

With EH Is agressive and bass very thight-close

I've had good success and sound quality with gold lion and Shuguang new production tubes, I'm not a fan of the SED or EH tubes. good if you can't get anything else but basically I feel just a run of the mill tube.

If you can find some NOS tubes they are usually better then the new production tubes.

Are not the northern electric tubes just a rebranded Russian tube?