kt88 base temperature

hi , the other day I noticed that when I tapped the side of my tube amp , I could hear my output tubes ringing and rattling, as if they were rather loose. I know that loose
connections are not good for sound , it causes distortion.
so my solution to dampen the tubes was pure silicon tape, rated to at least 500 degrees rapped around the base of the tube, now when I tapp my amp it is dead quite, but I am worried about how hot the base of the tube might get , I dont want melted crap in my amps. has anybody else tried this ? could rapping the metal base at the bottom of a kt88 cause shortened tube life ? If this helps the sound I will let everyone know how It turns out. thanks, chris
When you did your research did you find any mention of the possibility that the tape might inhibit the ability of the metal base to dissapate heat? Maybe that limited dissapation, as small as it might be, could change the internal temp of the tube's components and change its sound. Just a thought, FWIW.

hmmmmm, interesting theory, but I would think that the room temp would have a bigger change ie summer vrs winter ect.I think that dampening the tube base would change the resonant frequency of the tube, and that could change the sound. from my understanding any resonance in a tube is a bad thing, it gets amplified along with the signal and causes distortion. in a couple of days I will take the tape off and see what the difference is, If anybody else has any information on tube dampening I would greatly appreciate it ! thanks, chris
I have used Teflon tape on some metal base tubes with good results. I believe the damping of the metal by the Teflon helps some.