KT66 anyone?

I am exploring the KT66 world. Does anyone have experiences on the current production tubes? I have few I know about, NEW Gold Lion, Tung-Sol, Tesla, etc. Of course I know they wont match the NOS Genlax, but I'm wondering which if any offers the best overall balance. Or if one out shines the rest of them.

thanks in advance!

Try the Sovtek KT-66. Good price and good result. Well, good result in my system.
Thanks for to advise. Sovtek are for sure inexpensive. I might look for some someone else decided not to use with a few hours on them.

I thought for sure maybe there were a few folks out there that have tried some other current run tubes? But maybe they no loger participate on agon. Oh well-

For more extended band and detail go with Shuguang and more midrange bloom and meaty sound go with Reissue Gold Lion.
These are the best new production KT66 tubes.
I hope this helps to you.

That helps a lot! Thanks for the tips!