kt 88 vs kt88

Hi , Has anyone done side by side comparisons between EH kt88s and EH gold lion kt88s ? what are the differences and which do you like better ? Thanks, Christopher
Oh, I thought you were posting about the spelling (with or without a space). This is a much better question - I look forward to the answers. Fwiw, I have only used JJ KT88s and have been very happy with them.

Interesting thread
Gold Lion KT88 lives up to it's reputation. To compare the lions offer great detail and a smooth silky sound and bass is more controlled. This is a quieter tube. 100+ hrs breakin time.
I would not consider anything else for my Conrad gear.
I'll second the Gold Lion recommendation. Changing out the stock tubes in my Audio Space ref. 3.1 integrated with the Gold Lions was a significant improvement. After approx. 100 hrs the change was a major improvement.
I have to jump on the Gold Lion bandwagon.I had EH in my amp and they sounded kind of "sterile"{for lack of a better word).The GL's really mellowed out the glare in the HF and the bass was significantly better in all ways.The midrange is superb.The sound kept improving until about 30-35 hours then it settled out.Remember,this was my experience with my equipment.You may have a totally different experience with yours.I highly recommend you give them a try.If you don't like them,you will have no trouble reselling them.Good luck.
Another vote for Gold Lion.
Is everyone referring to the Gold Lion "re-issues"... or NOS? Big difference in price and availability. Please clarify, as I may be in the market for inexpensive re-issues for my Mac MC275.
No question GL re-issue KT88.
GL Re-issues - have them in my Ayon Spirit 2, better all round sound that SED KT88 in this amp
I really like the gold lion re-issues but have been also enjoying the ruby kt88 in my system. I have listened to the VAC, EH, Ruby, Shuguang, and probably a couple that I can't think of right now and the gold lion is hard to beat.

Check the archives, there had been a couple of very thorough and informative posts on kt88 tubes.
The EH gold lion has excellent body, tonality, resolution, and great dynamics. Not to mention the bass, which is respectable.