kt 88 s for the Quicksilver v-4

I am considering options for different kt-88 tubes for my V-4 and was wondering if any of you have had good results with a particular brand/model ... The JJ teslas are high on my list, as I have liked them alot in the past with previous amps. As always thanks for any advice.
See if you can get it wired for high powered EL34s . There is a new issue JJ KT77 which is a monster bass producer sounds better in the mids that a KT88. An Audiogon Dealer Quest For Sound Carries them. I am not affiliated with them.
I have tried both the EH kt88 and the Valve ARts in my ASL amp. I prefer the valve arts. I think they are a great sounding tube. They are also half the price of the JJ's.
The V-4's work fine with KT88's, KT90's, EL34's, 6550's, and 6L6's. I always liked the Ei KT90's in my V-4's. I did not like the EH KT88's. I have also used Tesla EL34's and they sounded really nice but not as powerful as the KT90's.
If you like female vocals NOS GE 6L6GC's sound very good although they only put out around 90wpc.