KT-88 gold lions verses the new tung-sul kt-120

I have a cary tube amp and would like to switch out the stock tubes the Electro Harmonic kt-88 and try something different since the gold lions are almost at a price match with the kt-120s. I have checked with cary can my amp run the kt-120. Which my dealer demos my cary amp with the KT-120. And cary says they should work with my amp no problem with the over built transformers on the cad-120s.

Anyone have any thoughts or experienced any of these tubes?
I can't speak to the EH KT-88s. But my old amp originally used SED 6550 "Winged C" tubes. IMO, dropping in the KT-120s made a significant positive difference.

Right now there are a couple of threads running about the recently issued KT-150 tube. New Sensor makes both the KT-120 and 150 tubes.

Just a suggestion, but why not ask Cary if your amp can handle the KT-150s? It's a little pricier than the KT-120s, but others have written some really positive comments about the KT-150s.

Gotta tell ya Jake ... I must be an audiophile now. I never thought I'd be a tube roller, but I'm waiting for ARC to sprinkle pixie dust on the KT-150s to drop into my Ref 150 amp. And why??? The amp sounds great as is?????? I'm surprised at myself. :(

I had a pair of VAS Audio Citation II monoblocks a few years back (modern version of the HK Citation II as monoblock amps). These could use EL34/KT88/6550. Originally I had the EH EL34 and Shuguang EL34's. The EH tubes were more detailed, almost analytical, while the Shuguangs were voluptuous. I tried the Gold Lion KT77 and they were much better than either of the EL34s. The detail and focus were much improved. Actually, transparency improved; the other tubes were just a bit opaque, something not noticed until compared to the Gold Lion tubes. I later bought a quad of the Shuguang Black Treasure 6CA7 and found them to improve upon the Gold Lion tubes (more body and bloom without loosing any detail or air--they seemed to capture the ambiance of the recording venue better as well). I know you asked about KT 88/120 but I thought these experiences might help you as well. Thanks.

My experience with the KT-120 tubes in my former Rogue M180 monoblock system was that they were too heavy in the bass, not as extended in the top end, and a bit grainy. I quickly went back to the Gold Lion KT-88 tube set that I had been enjoying for years. There are a lot of people who apparently like the KT-120 so you may find them to have a synergy with your system, I just didn't with mine.


I've been using a quad of 120s daily for over 2 years in my Jolida and they still sound amazing, and better than the newer 88s or 6550s that I sometimes pop in to see if the 120s are losing it. My informal survey of 120s indicates a 99.647% approvel rate with exactly zero transformer issues reported anywhere in the world. Informal...but still...150s can be found on Ebay now for 300 clams or so and that, although twice the cost of 120s, is sort of getting interesting.
IMS, I found the 6550 WC more detailed than the GL KT88, but less warm and forgiving. Both great tubes, the balance has to fit your system tonal balance. PT