KT-150's and Carver Black Beauty Mono Blocks

Wondering if any Carver owners have tried to use KT-150's in their Black Beauty or Cherry 180 mono blocks? The BB comes standard with KT-120's, the Cherry with 6550's.

Would the KT-150's give the Black Beauty a slight boost in overall power and dynamics? Or, blow-up the amps?
Bob's using KT-150's in his new Raven Beauty and Crimson Beauty 350, but those circuits are designed for them.

Try asking the guys at The Carver Site...google it.
I asked Carver himself and said that he was 99% it would work no problem, but I never got a good idea of how the 150's would sound vs the 120's.
Bob is currently doing mods to my 180's to run the 150 tubes. Hopefully will have hem by the end of June.
Milsap, I'm thinking about that modification and am hoping you might take the time to write about your experience.