KT-120 tubes vs Gold Lion KT88's

Hi everyone I have recently purchased my first set of kt-120 tubes
for my cary cad-120s amp and I must say what a difference especially in techno music! The bass just goes so low, though I need a second set of tubes for once these end there life. Instead of scrambling cash for a new set last minute. I was thinking of getting gold lion kt-88 since such praise from them. And would like to try them out for the fun of it. How do the gold lions compare to the tung-sol
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I like the KT-88's in my CAD 120s. I am wondering if the bias changes much when running KT-120's? Do they run any hotter? I may give them a try. How much is a set of 8? Thanks.
I have used both and feel the KT 120s are the more balanced from top to bottom. However both sets seem to be a bit dark. I was wondering if the original EH Kt88s would be an improvement.
No the kt-120s are a better stable tube then the kt-88 to bias in the cad-120 I have noticed. Plus you Bias them same as you would regular kt-88's. I set them though around 140 MA, and I got them for $450 USD all in at upscale. Plus they match them for free a added bonus. They do how ever put out a little more heat for sure. I have a solid tech ROS4 Reference stand which is a not inclosed. I have the cad 120s on the bottom and about 1.5 inches from the bottom X shelf of my SLP-98p. Though I have the feet of silence under it and adapters. which raises it 4.5 inches above the cad120, so i guess I can call it 6 inches clearance in the end. Though I do not have an actual shelf just the X cross beams for the feet of silence. So I call it an unclosed design though at the end of the day it dose get hot at the aluminium centre ring.
My experience with the KT120 in my Rogue M180s was that the bass was too strong for my system. Compared to the Gold Lion KT88s that I had been running for years the KT120s were also not as clear or extended in the high frequencies, and had more grain. However, there seem to be a lot more people who have had positive experiences with them so I would certainly say that it all depends their synergy with your system and your particular tastes.
Forget the KT120s and jump on a set of KT150s (not literally as pesky glass shards can get in your soup)…simply more of the same gusto as the 120s, but (in my amp anyway) effortless clarity in a great sounding tube that also looks like a pickle, which supposedly helps tame microphonics…ever heard a microphonic pickle? No? I rest my case. Another often rested case regards the paranoia about excessive heater current draw which seems unfounded as no case of amp destruction from this has been reported anywhere…and I've been looking out for this…ever vigilant.

To quote from one of my favorite movies, "Now who can argue with that!?"
I admit I was initially put off by 150s…the pickle shape reminded me of a building in London. I got over it.
Not all amps that are okay with 120's are also with 150's, the Music Reference RM-200 being one. I think some parts values would need to be changed in that amp. Best check with the maker of an amp before putting in 150's.
Wolf, at the introduction of the 150s there was much talk regarding the 150s as a direct replacement for, say a set of KT88s, because the transformers and/or power supplies may need to be upgraded.

I haven't been keeping up with this topic and I'm not intending to put you on the spot but are you saying you haven't heard of any problems associated with replacing KT88s with KT150s?

I have a pair of Carver VTA 180s and I believe his sales information states that his latest line of VTA 200s and 350s are able to use the KT150 tubes. Might this simply be a bit of upgrade hype?
I have had an ongoing extremely scientific and formal survey of this issue (upgrading an amp to handle the instantly destructive utterly dangerous death hazard of 120s or 150s needing heater juice that will instantly destroy the amp, and all life within 11 feet) using informal and clearly amoral studies of data and nearly incoherent blather here and elsewhere. The results indicate nobody has experienced this issue and lived to tell about it…I had KT120s in my trusty 502p for nearly 3 years…replaced with KT150 last December with no issues except burnt fingers from adjusting the blinky light bias screws. The current score in my survey is as follows:

No issue with unmodded amp using 120s or 150s: 317,412.

Issue with catastrophic amp failure after which there is no reason to ever trust in data from posts like this one: 0 (zero)

Keep checking here for updates on this survey.