KT 120 tubes safe to use with Cayin A100T

Curious to know if anyone is using the KT 120 tubes with the Cayin A100T. Been looking on the internet and cannot find any answers. Would really like to try these but also do not want to damage anything.

You would benefit from some good advice from ANDY @vintagetubeservices.com He would most likely say a set of REAL kt88's are the way to go. Of course you might not want to spend $300-$400 a tube for that amp it might be overkill. The cayin is autobias so you should be able to try out those kt120's with out any issuies. If you really want to find out what would happen ...call USATUBEAUDIO.com they can tell you all about the cayin amps. they are a big dealer for them in the USA.
The Cayin is manual bias. It has been reccomended that I not use these with the A100T by USA tube audio.