KS-1030 lacks bass - Any suggestions?

I am using the KS-1030 between my Marantz cd-67se player and an Audio Research LS-15 pre-amp (which feeds into an Audio Research 100.2 via a balanced Audioquest Opal x3 cable). I really like the crystal clarity and soundstage depth I get from the KS-1030, but it lacks the bass extension that I got when using a Monster 950i cable. I am partial to silver cables because of the high resolution. Any suggestions for a cable that will be ultra clear at the high end and give me additional bass extension?
DH Labs makes silver coated copper ICs: Air Matrix & BL-1. You could also attempt further tuning via expermientation with various upgrade AC cords.
I would take a look at your CD player. In my experience, it's not the most extended at the frequency extremes. By the time your purchase a perhaps ever more expensive interconnect than the 1030 you could have upgraded your CD player or bought an external DAC. Why the Monster 950i sounds more extended I do not know, but I have owned a Marantz 67 SE and still own the KS-1030's so I know those two products well.
just my 2 cents - i have never had any select in my system but have had pbj and silver streak, the ss between by cj pre and classe produces excellent bass. the ss between dac and pre not as much - is aq opal silver? i found it interesting that the the pre to amp ic made a much bigger impact, i use pbj between dac and preamp and run ss and 8tc to thiels 3.6. i just went back to kimber from all mit and what a difference!!!

I'm not convinced the bass extension is better with the Monster, simply that the perception is less given tighter bass delivered by the KS interconnect. Or maybe the KS is more polite as British gear tends to be.
" Any suggestions for a cable that will be ultra clear at the high end and give me additional bass extension?"

try the NBS monitor series.
Try Jetstream silver ic's from Silver Audio.
I use the KS-1030 and find it NOT lacking in bass. I use the KS-3038 speaker cables which are the companion to the 1030. Which speaker cable are you using? IMHO interconnects and speaker cables should have the same material to sound right. Just my opinion but I come to this opinion by trying and matching to get the best sound.