kronzilla who listened?

Does soemone listened to kronzilla amplifiers?
what sonic impresion?
One of the best amplifiers in the world! Real beauty with just regular speakers...does not need 98dB+(!!!) to get SET from that perspective it is also affordable...
I am interested to hear more about these amps also. Why is their resale value so low compared to many other amps?
Hello. I would completely agree with Prcinka here. KR amps truly are world class amplifiers and really are something special. To be candid here,and for the life of me... I have always been a bit perplexed as to why the company's product line hasn't been accepted in the USA. Baranyi. RE: resale pricing. For the money...there isn't an pre-owned amplifier [I am aware of anyway] that will come anywhere remotely close to the sonics of a used KR amp at the same price point given an appropriate speaker match. Particularly in the SET amp arena.
I've listened to two sets (different power ratings) in the same room/system. I can't say that they're world class, but they were good. They had several major problems when compared with a BEL amp. However, I am not writing to bash the sound of the amp. No matter what we heard, the amps are very well made and should have normal used equipment resale values.

The bottom line is if you like it, buy it.

Not sure if this helps...but hey, it was free. :-)
Excellent sounding amps: i've listened to two models, both confusingly referred to as Kronzilla -- or so I think.

In all cases, the spkrs were dipole -- "planar" & electrostatic. Blanket statement is, the resulting sound reproduction in these applications was very good. Not to bore you with inanities (as in "ruthlessly revealing"), I'll mention that classical, large scale orchestral music was played.