Has anyone tried the ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) from KRK Systems?

Some dealers are suggesting using this unit in their listening rooms to correct room issues in order to get better sound. Originally created for recording studios but apparently people have been having great results in their listening rooms with this unit.

It retails for about $500US.
I added a Martin Logan Dynamo subwoofer to my system today and had to recalibrate the Ergo. I did it twice, so I feel more comfortable with the process now.

A few thoughts;

1. The built in crossover+ room correction makes dialing in a subwoofer easy! Integration is well beyond what you could do by ear.

2. The software is buggy for sure (MAC for me) The biggest issue is when you try and over-write previous settings which has been noted in this thread. I found today that the "time-out" when deleting happens only if the calibrate button is pushed in. The ergo wants you to hit that button after memory has been cleared. If the calibration button is not depressed the old room will be overwritten in a few seconds. This is a work around for something that should have been fixed a long time ago.

3. Mic position is important and you need to follow the directions for focus, and specific positions 1-4. I missed position two and went to three the first time around and the sound was awful. Even though I really screwed up the Ergo thought it had 92% knowledge. After following mic positions focus and then 1-4 according to the included chart the sound was seamless.

So now I am using this thing for a firewire dac, room correction, preamplifier and line level XO for the sub. (Speakers crossed at 55hz- the integration is to good to be true)

Incredible value at $499 IMO.

This thing also has 24/96 ADC on board as well. Hoping to test that soon with my analog rig.
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No- That would be super nice to be able to see pre and post charts. I haven't looked into anything third party- I am not sure if it would even be feasible to extract correction info with a 3rd party app. Probably not.

All I can tell you is that without the sub I got better imaging and much more solid bass and I am still trying to get over how well integrated the whole thing is now with the sub. I am blown away by how much the sub does, and then the next minute by how little it does. I ran a frequency sweep using the stereophile test cd and it sounds flat almost all the way down to 20hz.

Rumor has it that new firmware is on the immediate horizon too.