KRK ergo setup question?

i have tried in several different places for this, probably should have started here. if anyone has any experience, i need help with a few basic setup questions. i am trying to integrate it with my sub (well actually, sub's - i have matching stereo subs) and the manual is little help, as well as KRK customer service so far. i hope someone more knowledgeable than I will take pity on me and help if they can. i will sum up as thoroughly and concisely as possible.

my setup is a two channel preamp (supratek for any toobheads out there). so full range signal out from preamp output to ergo input L + R.
then, krk speaker A output to poweramp to main speakers. krk speaker B/Sub output (L+R) to powered sub A and powered sub B. (hopefully, no issues yet).

1. i take it i bypass the sub's phase control and crossover like you do when setting up subs with audyssey, etc. ?
2. it also doesn't appear that the krk does any level matching, so i should manually level match my speakers and subs with a SPL meter and test tones before setting up the ergo?
3. it also doesn't seem that the ergo corrects for delay, do i need to worry about this (some standalone room correction systems tell you to move the subs X feet closer to you to correct for this).
4. my preamp doesn't have a LFE channel or anything, i take it full range is okay and just set an appropriate crossover setting in the ergo?

i know that these are some very noob-like questions - i am just trying to get it right the first time. thanx in advance.