What are the best speakers you can use with the krell evolution 1 monoblocks evolution 2 preamps and krell cypher?
I wouldn't worry too much about the amp/speaker interface. The single most important arbiter of sound quality is the speaker/room interaction. After that, source material plays the biggest part.

There are many, many speakers that would work well with the Krell amps. There are not very many that will work well in your room. If I were you, I would find the best speakers for my room and then start to investigate amps to pair with the speakers...

I agree with RW , you have to match speakers to your room.I have heard Krells LAT speakers,and they sounded great in a very large showroom with all Krell electronics. They were being played pretty loud,no thin anemic sound !Very powerful and even handed .
I agree that room/speaker interface it the most important consideration. On the other hand I am of the opinion that the amplifier speaker interface is the next most important consideration.
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