Krell-Where's the BASS

I first purchased a KSA250 this summer and absolutely love that bass sonics BUT no way could I handle 1440 watts at the hydro meter without even a cable connected.So I sold it to a bud and found a great deal on a FPB 700cx and
I have read they are a leaner sound but not my sound for sure.I am looking for a KSA 300s and hoping the bass is still there without 1440 watts on idle.Has anyone been through this delema?
thanks john
Sounds like ksa250 sound was just more to your liking in your system.

What is the rest of the system, particularly speakers?

Class A amps are generally less efficient and will always tend to draw more power, right, though some less when idle and such than others perhaps.

I opted for a very efficient set of good Class D monoblocks for my power hungry OHM F5s rather than large, power hungry Class A or even Class A/B amps and have been most happy with the sound. Best quality bass I have ever had, though when I first heard my system with these amps, the bass sounded exceptionally lean in comparison to prior. Now it is just all there, rock solid, powerful yet exceptionally articulate to the max as well! It was my own ears that had to adapt or break-into the new sound more so than anything else. It turned out to be just what I was looking for bass-wise though my first reaction was "where did all the bass go?".
Which speakers do you have? What is the size of your room? and where are speakers placed in relation to the walls?. Which pre-amp and input source are you using? What are your cables like? I hate to ask all these questions? If you email me your number through audiogon. I might be able to help you solve the bass problem over the phone. I am usally available in the evenings. Selling and buying amps before you try the easy cheap stuff is a mistake. Krell Amp usually have good bass.
Mclsound ,

You can have the bias on the amps turned down , I have done so on the KSA200 /250 and it makes a big difference Idle is 330watts and the sound is much better and yes the bass too.

I use a HTS 7.1 pre/pro for all preamping,I use all the same cables that I have for the last 4yrs and have tried Bryston,Simaudio,Classe, Pass,Mark Levinson, and the 2 Krells just sound different.I used my DIY's on both and they are 20" from the side walls and 5" from the back wall in a 13.5x22' room.Did use a Krell SACD till it brokedown!!!!
I sold the 700cx
I did not know this.