Krell vs. Simaudio when powering Totem?

I've read many great things about the magic between Simaudio and Totem. I am thinking of upgrading to Forests, and knowing I will need a powereful SS integrated I've started listening to my options.

I've discounted Krell before in the past, but I heard the kav-400xi powering the forests today and it sounded like an excellent match! The source was a NAD S570 DVD. I am hoping to go back to listen with the Krell Showcase DVD in the mix in the near future.

I listened to the Hawks on the NAD S300 integrated and wasn't feeling it. Source was a Sony DVD/SACD/CD??? Not sure if it was the combination or just the Hawks I wasn't feeling? I am curious to hear the Forests powered by the NAD S300 as well.

Anyway, I have no local Simaudio dealer and will probably have to make a trip to NY to hear them paired together. In the meantime I was hoping to get some thoughts on Krell vs. Simaudio powering the Totem Forests. Mainly the kav-400xi vs. the i-5. I would like to get a mating DVD/CD player, so please keep that in mind as well.

I will also listen to the NAD again, as the DVD as a source in the Forest system was doing something right.

I look forward to your comments.
In the end it's what sounds best to you. But having owned two Sim I-5s, (yes I had sellers remorse and had to try again) I used the I-5 to drive a pair of Hales Rev 3s and was very satisfied. While I heard the Krell 400 far less than the 300, I can say that the 70 watt Sim seemed to have more authority that the 300 krell. But that's just one guys opinion. Happy Listening.
Try the Plinius. Vince B. uses them often at the shows. SA250 or the 9200. You must hear the Winds passively biamped using the Odeon! Not to be missed.
I've extensively auditioned a number of integrated amps, including those that you've mentioned, as well as the Plinus 9200, BAT VK300 and McIntosh 6900 for my Totem Forests. I liked the Krell, BAT, and McIntosh very much, but each produced a very different sound. I have also listened to the Pathos Logos on a pair of Proac Response 15s. All of these amps had ample power for the Forests and all sounded good to my ear. In the end, I purchased a DK Design MkII for purely subjective reasons. (I use the Forests with Speltz Anticables and an Arcam FMJ cd 23 in a mid sized room (16 x 23 x 14 vault)). You might consider expanding your auditions to the Plinus, BAT, Mc, Pathos, and DK for the Forests. Worthwhile to audition any of these amps to find the one that works best for your tastes.
Thanks for your thoughts guys. I had a Plinius 8200mkII paired with Totem Tabu's for awhile, and while it sounded good, I wasn't overly 'Wowed!' by the presentation - just personal taste. Maybe I will give the 9200 a listen though?

I will also add the others to the list. Thanks!