Krell vs. Plinius

I own a pair of B&W CDM9NT speakers. I'm looking at integrateds. Either the Plinius 8200 or Krell's new 300IL. Any thoughts. Wire is by Harmonic Tech., and my source is an Arcam fmj23cd player.
My taste would favor the KAV-300il over the Plinius but if you listen to records the 8200 does have a phono stage. The Krell can sound a little "grey" at times and the Plinius can be a bit tilted forward in the top end. If it was my money, I would get the Musical Fidelity A3cr pre/power combo in a heartbeat. More resolution and larger, smoother sound (ie more neutral/natural) than either of the above mentioned integrated amps.
I second the musical fidelity combo and there is a pair on right now for 2100.00. I'd get them you wont regret it. - Ian
My father has the older Krell KAV integrated and I have the Musical Fidelity A3cr pre/power combo. Needless to say I agree with the other two posters for $2100 or even for the full $3000 for new, the Musical Fidelity produces amazing results.
I've listened to both the aforementioned integrateds extensively with a pair of B&W 803's. I never did get very involved in the Krell's sound...way too bright for the setup it was in, and it didn't seem to have either the bass slam or the PRaT I was looking for. The Plinius, however, delivered both, with a "magic" that I would reserve only for tubes. Great, great integrated. Now it's permanently in the system. Cheers!