Krell vs Parasound

Krell Ksa-300 vs Parasound Hca 3500. I currently use the Parasound in my system and just bought the krell can I expect a big improvment? Will have the Krell soon
This is like comparing a PT boat to an aircraft carrier...
Agree...the Krell should deliver a bigger, more defined solid soundstage, which also is more delinieated throughout the sound spectrum....and much more powerful through the upper bass, and likely more extended thru lower bass. KSA were some of Krells' most highly regarded line, and you should also find the tonality of the unit is also superior to the Parasound. In fact, i have heard say the KSA purity of tonality was not bettered until the final models of the super big FPB series (600 and 700/750 monos).

Lets see if all of us here are right in that there is a big improvement...please post! good luck and enjoy.
I have compared extensively, many times, Krell Evo-400 vs Parasound JC-1 monoblocks. Outcome emerged to be far from that simple (aircraft carrier vs PT boat ).

To my ears, overall sound picture of both in terms of comparison was closer to, say, Mercedes-Benz (Evo-400) vs Audi (JC-1). Pretty tough battle, indeed... Krell Evo-400 a bit more sofisticated, refined and relaxed, Parasound Halo JC-1 a bit more vivid and sparkling, particularly if mated with JC-2 pre.

Two great pairs of audio design, anyway.

Cannot comment older KSA vs HCA designs..
I'd say it completely depends on the rest of your system.

When I had some Genesis loudspeakers, I asked the manufacturer which amplifier at a given budget would be the best match. Paul McGowan personally responded and said that he & Arnie Nudell both agreed that I would save money and get better sound by purchasing a Parasound HCA-3500 instead of a Krell KSA-200s or KSA-150.

I followed their advice (as well as some detailed biasing instructions for the Paraound) and was NOT disappointed.
I own or have owned both Krell(currently 400cx) and Parasound (HCA 2200) amps. Parasound was my first entree in "the high end" and makes quality components, but what sets your requested/purchased KSA model into an entirely different category is the manner in which the power supply is implemented in Krell amps. These amps have huge power supplies and they are not current limited the same way that Parasound products are and, as a result, and in my experience, deliver bass and dynamics, both micro and macro, that are very powerful and true, simply because bass frequencies require stiff current capability to adequately drive the woofer motor. No woofer "tells" a Krell amp what to do, it is quite the other way around. I also feel the build quality of Krell amps are a couple of steps higher than Parasound, albeit you pay extra for these differences, but in my opinion they are worth it and I have been enjoying the 400cx going on 9 years without any problems (knock on wood ;-) Steve
I would say the JC-1 is a different beast than the hca3500 from what i have been told and read. IOW, the JC1 is the superior product. I would be very hard-pressed to compare KSA300 to JC-1, i imagine...that would take a lot of system listening with the specific components. good luck and pls post your findings!
I got it installed and all I can say is WOW!!!!! I thought my Jbl 4435's sounded good before. The best part is that the Krell is not even warmed up yet. Now its time to enjoy!!
Ha-haaaahhhhhh!!!!! That is great news!!!!! Pleased to hear it. Enjoy!! pls continue to post!
ksa 80 owner here.
All things work together but,with krell pre and B&W speakers all wired with kimber.
I have work with many combos for many years to get this magic. your post..was waiting for your thoughts on the Krell..figured you would say that...enjoy the Krell..Parasound makes some really nice gear...but it can't compare to the Krell. I've owned the JC1's..HCA3500...and many Krell amps from the KAV series to the FPB..and Krell outperformed the Parasound in every way..the JC1's were a big me at least..not saying they were bad..just can't compare in bottom end control to the Krell..have fun!
HCA is older - second tier - Parasound gear. A more accurate comparison would be with their Halo line - the JC-1 monoblocks (for example) are - IMO - far superior to the KSA-300s.
Well, I guess I should have read the whole thread before firing off a response! Congrats on the new purchase Rvito - enjoy!!