Krell Vanguard : with or without Digital Media module ?

I am facing two options:

1- Upgrade my Krell Vanguard with a Digital Media module that Krell will install or
2- Wait for more money in the bank and link the Vanguard to a new DAC Streamer (for instance the latest from PS Audio).

My Krell Vanguard powers Totem Forest speakers and is also linked to a vinyl system.

Any views ?
wait it out. enjoy what you have and upgrade when necessary.

unless you're doing pro audio work - you don't need to keep upgrading everything all the time lol
I have the Vanguard with the digital option already. What kind of money are they wanting for the upgrade?
$1.5k. Not cheap...  And frankly I am a bit concerned about the direction of Krell these days, so I am not sure how much OS system there will be after