Krell Vanguard Integrated vs Bryston B135

Krell Vanguard Integrated vs Bryston B135.

Both are available for about the same price in the SALE page.

I use an Aerial 5 and Marantz CD63ii. I want to replace my ADCOM GFA- 555ii/GTP-500 combo

Will either of these be a solid step up from the ADCOM combo and if so...which sounds better?


Great query- manto

I would like to read more about these (2) amps from owners. Yes, either one will be a step up for sure. I want to read about which one has the most current.
My take-
I just got the Bryston 4B cubed. I also have a Krell Duo 300.
Krell has great bass, but the highs are etched.
New Bryston has nice uniform response through all frequency ranges.
And excellent bass.
I used to own a GFA-555. It was very nice for the money, but the Bryston gear is in an entirely different league, sonically. (I owned a 14BSST for years and have auditioned a couple of all-Bryston systems.) I for one would go for the B135, and I can't imagine you would be disappointed.

I can’t comment on the Krell item, not having heard any Krell gear for over a decade.

Not even close ...the Krell Vanguard is equal to, and in many cases, superior to separates.  The limitations will be your cables and ancillary equipment.
FYI, the Krell does 200w/ch @8ohms and 400w/ch into 4ohms!!  It replaced my FPB 300/Phantom's that good!  It is extended, fleshed out and dynamic.  Sound staging is amazing with great image spread and detail.  A great PC and clean AC are required.  If it sounds etched then it is indicative of problems elsewhere.  Of course some listeners dislike realistic frequency extension in favor of a more colored or muted top end.
Thanks! for sharing- dave_b

I want it all! Detail, dynamics, micro and macro extension. Nothing muted nor rolled-off, especially, the top end.

can you give a shout-out for your dealer/retailer?
I used Surround Sounds in Exton, Pa.

TY- dave_b
Total agreement with dave_b, the Vanguard is an exceptional sounding unit.  Certainly Krell's best sounding integrated.  It takes a lot of money in separates to best it.
What other gear is in your system- herndonb ?