Krell Vanguard Integrated

I hear amazing things about the newer Krell K300i. Used it is a bit more than I want to spend. Has anyone done a firsthand comparison with the previous integrated the Vanguard? It seems very similar on paper. With either one I would not care about the dac module. 



the k300i is far better sounding the k300iuses the newer ibias  technology


which creates a much warmer midrange and sense of flow


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This has nothing to do with the OP's question. However, let me add that the KRELL Duo 175XD is amazing. I have the KRELL K-300i downstairs and I think it is great for an integrated. However, my new KRELL 175XD (100 hours) | Musetec 005 DAC | CODA 07x preamp is significantly better than the K-300i. This set also cost a lot more than the K-300i.

I have not tried the Musetec 005 DAC on the K-300i. It would likely close the gap with my separates.

The KRELL gear is a little too big and looks rather ugly (cannot have everything), though the sound is fantastic. The iBias is a big winner for me.

Thanks I believe the Ibias existed on the Vanguard as well. Probably not as dialed in as now I’m guessing and they called it something slightly different but basically floating classA. I’m sure the new one is better.  

I just bought a Musical Fidelity A 1008 for a can’t lose price. Great reviews and I love that few year old stuff cause you can just get killer deals. We shall see. I was about to pull the trigger on an M8xi for 3800 including shipping. Just a shout out so check out Audio Mart . 

@mofojo Congrats on the MF.  I also got a can't lose trad-in price (100%) on a used Parasound A21+ to get the 175XD. I said yes please.


Krell’s new iBias Duo 175XD – What’s New (TONE) | TONEAudio MAGAZINE (

 Just so everyone is clear, this upgrade can be done to the amplifiers currently in the i-Bias lineup: 125/175/300 Duos, the Trio and the 375 and 575 Solo. The new K-300i already includes the XD upgrade in their DNA. The “Chorus” line of amplifiers can also be upgraded.