Krell upgrade mistake?

My system includes:

Krell KSA 200S amplifier
Revel Performa F32 speakers
Ayre CD player
Thorens TD320 turntable

i recently gave my son my Krell KRC-3 preamp because I obtained a Krell KCT preamp here on Audiogon.  So I put it in the system and fired it up.  I made a test cd some years ago and the first cut is Sting’s “A Thousand Years” which features some very low synthesizer notes.  Well the resolution and clarity was great and more detailed than my old KRC-3.  But the deep frequency passages were almost non existent.  With the KRC-3 that first note would shake the house.  I thought the preamp was broken.  I plan on playing around with connectors but the lack of bass slam is significant.  I have two questions;

1.  Is there a way to correct the issue?  I have heard that utilizing the cast system with a newer amp may do the trick.  I have also heard that using a Krell KRC-HR will also remedy the situation.
2.  If I can’t fix the problem, is there another preamp out there in the $3000 range that would be a good match for my system.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Sure you are comparing apples and apples? I mean, did you change anything acoustically since you tested before?
That should not be the case.
The KCT is a better preamp than the KRC HR or the KRC 3 even in balanced mode. I have owned both the KCT and the KRC HR.

Running all cast (inclusive of source) will improve it further but the KCT should have the old Krell bass slam.
Erik, nothing else was changed so it is apples to apples.  Mikey your comment is precisely why I got the KCT in the first place.  As I went deeper into my music collection the bass was there.  My test cd has some older recordings on it and I find that those are the ones that are lacking in bass.  I made the right decision after all.  Thanks for the confirmation!