Krell TAS or Parasound Hallo A-51?

I'm looking to drive Paradigm Studio v2 100s, cc, 20s. My current processor is Rotel RSP-1098.

I've tried the Krell TAS. It's awsome. At the same time I've read (have not been able to audition it yet) positive things about Parasound Halo A-51, which is about half the $$$. I'd appreciate any thoughts on pros and cons of each.
dont know from krell but the Parasound is awesome. huge bang for the buck. plus it has a ten year warranty. the parasound is also very flexable for future applications.
pretty much have the same set up, although I have not auditioned the Parasound A51. i have a/b'd a reciever against an all krell set up and i can tell you that the difference is night and day. The TAS gives you a solid performance from top to bottom. even on 2ch. the studio 100's sounds awesome.