Krell Studio vs. Musical Fidelity A3-24

I have a Krell Studio (about 10 years old), reading all the hype of the upsampling DAC's, is this a good time for an upgrade, if it is an upgrade? I have been looking at the Musical Fidelity A3-24 Thanks in advance.....Bob
I used the Krell Studio in a very-high-end audio system for about 10 years and then decided to move to SACD. I sold the Krell and bought the Marantz SA-14 SACD player. Before placing it on the Neuance platform, it was much more musical than the Krell, but lacked the inner detail that the Krell provided. After using the Neuance platform, the Marantz surpassed the Krell in all respects.

What I think I learned from this experience, other than the SA-14 is one hell of a player at it's price, is that technology has improved and that for it's time and price, the Krell too was a great buy.

I would consider a new unit, but I don't know about the A3-24. At it's price point, I would be surprised if it topped the Krell, especially when it comes to detail.

I hope this helps a little.