Krell Stereo vs Mono

Hey there. I am looking for opinions on the following. I am seriously considering Krell for my front two channel amplification. I currently run Dynaudio Confidence 2s, with a planned upgrade to the Evidence Temptations sometime either later this year, or next year.

My budget will allow the following -- either a FPB700CX, or FPB-350mcx. Which would be the preference? I am buying new, but my dealer only has the big stereo and the big monos on display. I *might* be able to stretch into the FPB-450mcx (assuming there is a nice discount involved), would that make a difference in your recommendation?

Current equipment is as follows:
Lexicon MC-12B
ATI 3007
Denon 5900

Room is 12 x 14 x 10, with some basic treatments. I am probably 80% home theater, but have started listening to more music since my gear got better. I listen to every type of music, but my favorite genre is probably rock -- everything from pop rock to alternative to hard.

I am generally happy with the way that the ATI sounds, although when listening to two-channel direct, it sounds strained at high volume. And this is not going to get any better when I change to Ev Temps, which are harder to drive still.

I am considering other amps, but I have heard the Dyn/Krell combo a lot, and am very happy with the way that it sounds. I would consider used, but warranty is very important to me, so that limits me to what, Bryston and Pass Labs that still have transferrable warranties?

Thanks for your input --

I have never owned a Pass Labs amp, but I am a big fan of their amps. Nelson Pass has come up with a great SS design in the new X-series, and they look better than the old ones FWIW.

I own the Krell FPB 700cx and am just amazed by the power, which I expected, and by the midrange/treble, which I did not expect. Their reputation is for solid, strong bass, but the midrange is smooth and clear, treble is extended, and anything but shrill. I am very happy with it. I have never owned the monoblocks, but it would be easy to imagine that seperate cabinets, and greater isolation could only help. I can't imagine how much better it could sound than my 700 though. As I'm sure you know Krell does not have a transferable warranty.

You don't need monoblocks for good sound, but monoblocks would certainly have greater potential.
Thanks for the response. I know that monoblocks are supposed to be better, but I am wondering if the improvement is worth the 30-40% less power. I guess I just kind of trust Krell to engineer their stereo amps right, so that crosstalk and whatnot are not an issue.

Also, there is something to be said about aesthetics. The monos (from both Pass and Krell) are huge and I do not have too much space to work with.

Everything that I have read about the 700cx is stellar. I am seriously leaning toward that direction. The warranty situation is one that I take seriously... that is why I am looking at new amps.

If possible, I would really try to go to the 450cx.

1. It and the 700cx have the newest Krell technology

2. With the size of your room, you will never really need that much power and the sonic advantage of monoblocks will be more prevalent.

3. Moving around the 700 is MUCH more difficult that the monoblocks. And should you ever have to ship them back to Krell, it will be easier.



I have the Dynaudio Confidence C2 with Krell KPS 25sc and FPB 400cx. Like you, I'm very happy with the way that it sounds. In general, the stereo amp's are thicker and slower in the bass and darker in the treble. the mono amp's are a little leaner, quicker, more focused, more detailed, more natural sounding.

OK, so the monos really will make a difference -- then what about between the 350s and the 450s -- there is a huge jump in the retail price, from 12K to 18K. I know that it is a personal decision, but is the 50% premium warranted? It would require a bit more saving for me, and put off my speaker buying for awhile, but if they are THAT much better, then I can roll with it... I am trying to buy the absolute best that I can afford, to avoid any remorse.

Thanks so much for the info guys, it really helps me out.

The reason that I didn't mention the 350x's, is that they are based on the old 250 amps, which were not in the same league as the old 350 and 650.

That said, I heard Dan D'Agostino demonstrate his new speaker line using the FPB350mcx's. The sound was fabulous. (...especially on the small and the big ones. I was disappointed in the middle one.)

I don't know if that helps.