Krell stereo vs Krell mono bloks

Advantages or disadvantages between 700cx stereo or 350mc monos driving Wilson Sophia 1 speakers? The difference in power output and separate power supplies a consideration and shorter speaker cables also room placement of amps and I guess cx vs mc running in cast.I'm not sure if the upgrade to mcx on mono's is still an option for later.
Go with the cx amps- they are far smoother, especially in the treble and female vocals, than the mc versions. The 700CX is a tremendous amp at current used prices around 6-7K- you will not regret this purchase.
The mcx is a lot more refined and smoother. After you setup your Krell mcx, install hi fi tuning fuses. What a huge difference.
I agree with respect to the cx series, they are highly refined, warm and dynamic sounding.

Yada where does one get these fuses?
I though these FPBs have a circuit breaker instead of fuse?

Or are you refering to the two low amp fuses on the driver circuit board ?

What type and brand of fuse do you recommend?
Even with the Marten Design speakers, (ceramic drivers) the cx is surprisingly warm and full body. Also sits on a stand that is acrylic with lead-filled which has aided in some weight to vocals.
With the proper cabling all Krells sound fantastic.But I doubt you will hear a ""BIG"" difference.You will probably never use all of the 700(I just sold mine)anyways.The mono's should suffice
I was surprised today at opening this thread as it was mine from a while back at the time I had the 700cx and was curius if switching to mono's would be worth it. I never did switch and still have the 700cx. At the time I was not using it in cast I was using an ML 380s preamp and have sense changed to an Evo 202 preamp using Transparent cast cables. And I installed an IEC on the 700cx amp.I would interested in the answer to Carz question the fuses.I also recently changed from Sophia 1s to WP 8s.I would be also be interested in thoughts on spkr. cables with this combination that wouldn't break the bank dont't laugh right now I'm using AZ Satori's but I've been looking at AZ Absolute,Kimber 3033,PAD Venustus Praesto or Cardas GR all in the same price range 6 ft. used except the PAD.
Dear Heykay,

Which IEC did you install in your 700cx? Which power cable are you using? Do you feel it was an improvement? if so, in which way(s)?

I changed from 700cx to 750mcx monos and inprovement was sustantial in every aspect. Then changed to 220v and two custom sra 3.0 stands, improved even more. Completely different level. Matched very well with krell phanton with is substantially better than levinson 380s.