Krell Stealth DAC v Krell KAV 300 CD

Hi guys,
could anybody tell me about the differences between these two units? In terms of sound quality of course.
Why is that? 'Cos I own the 300 CD and I'm very happy using it but I need a DAC for computer music reproduction. I've tried several DACs between 1500 and 3000 Euro (higher priced DACs I can not afford at the moment) and no one can beat the Kav 300 IN TERMS OF SOUND QUALITY!!! So I decided to buy a s/h DAC (preferably KRELL) and to limit myself to 16/44 red book standard for a while (no HiRes through old DACs of course...).
So, would I get the same or even better "type of sound" (fast and big bold bass performance, wide and open soundstage, lots of details...)through Krell Stealth DAC or not? Have anybody ever did this comparation?

Thanks in advance!
The King :)
You can always can try it yourself,if you don't like stealth,you can sell for the same price .Worth to try.Have you listened bryston bda-1 dac?
Maybe you're right about the Stealth DAC.
I've listened Bryston DAC in Bryston/PMC set up. Did not like it a lot. Seems a bit pricey for the almost empty box?

Thanks for the advise anyway.
Cheers mate!
So will you plan use optical out from pc to dac?
I like how bryston dac sounds in krell kav500i and dynaudio c1 set up.It made system sing and show that c1 is really good speakers.
No, I intend to use USB/SPDF converter between Notebook and DAC, such as M2Tech HiFace2 or even HiFace Evo with external PS.
Never had a chance to audition KAV 500i but have tried my own KAV 300i with Dynaudio Contour 1.8 Mk II and Focus 220. To be honest, I did not like those combos. If we talk about the speakers I prefer ProAc, Neat, Spendor, Kudos,Harbeth...
Dynaudio is not my cup of tea.
I feed harbeth shl5 with bryston bda-1 through Technics combo Se-a3000,su-c3000.Nice sound.May be a bit more slower sound then Krell kav500i and dynaudio combination.As for krell kav500i is completly diffrent beast compared to kav300i.Krell kav 500i is one package of krell power KAV- 250a amp and 250p preamp and 2-kVA-power supply.
I would stay away from any Krell CD players with the old Philip drives.

I bought a Krell KPS30i, in span of ~ a year, it was replaced by Krell 2 to 3 times with new units and finally 2 KAV 300CD because they cannot fix the faulty drives. It sounded good when working but never for too long.

Krell's customer service was superb. I asked Patrick why use Philip drives and he said for sound quality.