Krell Standard SACD Player - Drawer won't open

The player has never misbehaved before - but the player didn't seem to like the cd when I put it in - read "no disc" - but then it did play it.

The bad news is that the player keeps telling me "no disc" and the drawer doesn't open.

I tried turning the player off - even unplugging it over night - but nothing seems to encourage it to permit me to open the drawer.

It just keeps telling me "no disc." There is a disc in there - a lovely recording on the Dorion lable of Ivan Moravec playing the Chopin Scherzi.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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Open the top and try giving the door a might work and if not call krell they have had problems with this and should know what to do. I would guess it might need to be serviced but try to give it a finger push it could work and I really don't think you will harm it?The best and let us know.
Look under the player. There is sometimes a hole or button to trip the drawer release.
This happened twice to my SACD and I had to send it back to Krell to fix. It is the problem with the drawers they use that are different from the original design. I think they have a permanent fix now. Good luck; it won't be the first time Krell has heard this issue.