Krell Showcase Processor Voltage conversion

Just bought an US 110V unit but to be used in my home country where the voltage is 230V. I have tried with a step-down transformer and it works fine. Since other Krell products like the KAV 300i voltage can be switched by changing jumpers, just wonder if anyone has experience on the showcase.

I do see jumpers for the both the primary and secondary cables of the transformers and two jumper slots unused.

Please advise. Thanks.
You are out of luck, I had exactly the same problem when I moved from the US to France. All newer Krell equipment (including the Showcase processor) has a voltage/frequency chip on the power supply. If you try to use a step down transformed to go from 230V to 110V the chip will see a frequency error (50Hz instead of 60Hz) and not allow the processor to switch on. Two options; simply have the Krell agent in the country you are in convert the processor from 110V/60Hz to 230V/50Hz (this is what I did, not cheap though). Or alternatively, buy a power regenerator (PS Audio and others make them) that converts AC to DC and back to AC at whatever frequency you want.