Krell Showcase or Theta Intrepid amp ?

Hi, I am looking for a 5 channel amp for my revel m22 and c32's, looking for opinions on these 2 amps or alternatives , thanks
I have had the Theta Intrepid amp. It is not in the same league as other amps from Theta. In my opinion it is slow, lacks dynamics and power and is not very transparent or resolved. Finally, I replaced my Intrepid with a Cary Cinema 5 and was shocked by the big improvement. The Cary Cinema 5 is a bargain. I have Aerial speakers.
I would definitely take the Intrepid over the Showcase. The Intrepid is very musical, as well as being excellent for home theater. I could see why they'd have trouble driving Aerials, they require quite a bit of juice in my experience. But the Intrepid should drive the Revels just fine.
If what Cappuccino says is accurate about the Intrepid not being in the same league as the other Theta Amps, I'm now going to have to get me one of them big boys to replace my Intrepid. I match the Theta Intrepid, with the Theta Casanova running Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers. What pleases me most about the Intrepid is that when I run it in 2 channel stereo, it absolutely blows me away. I gave up a Krell KRS preamp and Class A Krebschull tube mono blocks for a surround system, and have never looked back. One thing I really like about the Intrepid is that no matter how hard you drive it, the Intrepid runs only warm to the touch. That may not be the case with the Krell. Since all the Theta Amps look-a-like, maybe I'll be able to slip one of the Theta big boys into my system without my wife even knowing.
I was also rather disappointed when I had Intrepid in my system. The high points are warm and smooth musical sound. But, as Cappuccino pointed out it was not very transparent or focused.
I was using to channels on the Intrepid biamping my Aerial CC5, that is 2 x 125 watts alone for one speaker. I used two more channels for a pair of SR-3 surround speakers. I never used the Intrepid for the main channels.
Before I purchased a complete Aerial HT setup, I had Proac speakers all around. I experienced the same lack of power and transparancy then.
Theta all the way. For the posters with the negative sentiment, I would chalk that up to something else problematic going on with your system that the Theta is revealing, whereas the other amps are not capable of actually being that transparent. The Theta Intrepid is one of the most transparent amps ever made. It will indeed reveal any and all problems, most of the time due to inadequate AC power to feed the amp. Of course, putting a lesser amp back in that "hides" the issue *is* another solution I suppose...
Hawaaiguy has it right. Thank you for sticking up for this incredible amp that has high reviews and been recognized everywhere but on this forum.
Intrepid's can be frustrating, give ground feedback in systems that are not setup perfectly but when they are configured properly they are always beautiful to listen to and look at.
I have owned Krell, liked Krell but honestly folks there isn't a Krell amp in the same price range that competes. Audiophiles can be quite discriminating within the Krell range and I have seen how many people have praised Krell but not the Showcase lineup. These reviewers have regarded the showcase as inferior and not up to Krell standards an issue that has not shown up as much on the baby Theta.

This Theta amp is more powerful than you think and drives my electrostats beautifully. Need more power just Bi-wire through the additional channels. The Theta sound is clear transparent and the bass is tight. I have read reviews that complain about really low end bass but the reviews like my opinion is that the overall experience does not make the bass an issue.
Win or Lose, the Intrepid is able to compete with any other amp on the same level. Not all amps can do that.

With that said, I always refer to the old adage let your ears do your talking and if you love your amp, no matter what brand it is (mine is my Intrepid) you have joined the mania that is this hobby.
I am interested to get opinions from any readers audiophiles, Theta lovers and Haters on what amp out there can compete with the current clearance prices on this amp for sound and build quality.