Krell Service

I couldn't find the thread that was asking about Krell sercie but I thought I would share last week's experience with Audiogon.

I have a FPB 400cx amp that was stored for a year due to a house renovation. I had put the system back together and it sounded great but in no time flat the right channel over heated and shut itself down twice. I tested it by running it with no speaker lead in the right channel with the same result. I called Krell for a RN# and they said bring it in. Since Krell is only twenty five miles from me I packed it up and dropped it off a week ago at 8:15 a.m. They could not have been nicer. They fixed the amp under warranty, said the right channel had gone bad, and shipped it back to my doorstep in a week.

How can service get any better than that? They didn't ever once make me feel that somehow it was my fault (like so many other high end audio people make one feel).

Equipment does need repair from time to time. They certainly back up their products.

Of course now moving the amp from the box back to the amp stand is going to take some doing.
I think because the amp was still under warranty that they were accommadating. I have a KPS 20i/l that was not covered and they had it for over a month and when I got it back it still had the same problem. It was a mechanical intermittency. I too live about 25 miles from them and dropped it off and picked it up when it was ready. When I told them it still had the problem they said it could take another month from the time I dropped it off. Minimum service cost out of warranty is $100.
"How can service get any better than that?" Well at 8:15am, how about a donut and a cup of joe.

Seriously, its a ten thousand dollar amp, in my opinion, it better work for a long time! The mere mention of a crapped out channel probably makes them uncomfortable.

I dont have first hand experience with their customer service, but I have heard it is top notch. Good service and a good product is an obvious recipe for success and Krell has it.
Krell service is very good. be very carful in packaging your amps to them always use krell packing. i sent in a Ksa 250 with a total of 4" of stought padding a double boxed . Fed ex ground slammed it so hard the knocked the unit out of square. They worked with me They made fedex send in a private company to access the damage at the factory.
I bought the amp, used it twice it went out, then got slammed in transit. Krell took care of it, rebiult the amp like brand new.they took care of fedex . 1200.00 bill to fix I paid 210.00 not bad folks
I envy you folks who live close to the factory. I have only once made the trek form San Francisco to their factory.

They have always treated me with the utmost of care and consideration. Always going above and beyond what they had to do.

If I lived closer to them, I am sure I sould have asked them for a job by now. ... There can't be that much diffence between fixing teeth and fixing amps.

Wow! A Krell thread that is not about bashing Krell. I am impressed. Now I just have to get the amp out of the box without tearing my pants or cutting my shins.
I too have had very good service from Krell. I bought a second-hand KPS-28c which would occassionally power-off all on its own right in the middle of a CD. Very annoying. Krell repaired the unit very promptly and didn't charge me a nickel even though the warranty was not transferable from the orginal owner. They were courteous and attentive.

Now I just wish some Krell DEALERS whom I could mention would follow their example!
I have had several products repaired at Krell in and out of warranty. I purchased from dealers, Audigon and privately as well. Their service is impeccable.....A point of reference! If you can't drive it in you must FedEx insured or air freight insured.
If you don't have a box, buy one from them. I admit it can be pricey, but lets face it when you want to get a nine year old Amp upgraded that you just bought from Audigon for half its original price you want it done right. If Krell's service program wasn't as extensive as it is you would have a tough time trying to explain to your local electronic wizard why the transformer and heat sinks are so "big".
Krell is one of the few companies that is capable of servicing their legacy product line. Pretty good since Audiophiles make up a fraction demographically of a billion dollar electronic market place. I am thankful to Krell for their contribution to a market place that we continue to enjoy.

I just viewed your system and saw that you have an aquarium. Do your fish react to your music? How do they react when your subwoofer kicks in during home theater. Does loud music affect them?

just curious
Mitch, they do in fact react to sound. When they are fed, I usually break up their frozen food in a glass with water. The "tinking" of the spoon on the walls of the glass is Pavlovian. They start going crazy.

They dont seem to like the stereo much if the volume is loud (90db peaks or so). They like my friends unruly children, that pound on the glass, even less. Their typical reaction is either, hiding or very reduced movement.

No knee jerk reactions though, like flailing during explosions. They just get behind their favorite rock and pout.
Impecable service & service personal to say the least. I also had a KSA200-S go out twice and FED-X ended up smashing the unit to gravel on the way back to Calif. Krell bent over backwards & I ended up buying a new FPB300cx which was mostly paid for by FED-X. Steve Lacrone in service is the best. Always use their factory box(es)and ship using Air-Sea Freight Co. FED-X does have a "delicate" service although I have never tried it.
BTW, the FPB300cx is awsome!