KRELL SACD STANDARD problem-power off

HI, lately the Krell SACD standard have decided to switch itself off automatically after 30min of playtime. My player is out of warranty and had been fixed by the dealer once for similar problem in the past. I presumed the problem is at the power supply ? Any suggestions?Advice needed.Thanks
I had EXACTLY the same problem with a Krell KPS-28c CD player. It was returned to KRELL and they fixed it by replacing the power supply. They said they don't know why it happens (!) but changing the power supply often fixes it. Obviously they have a design problem. KRELL have been VERY helpful and have fixed problems out of warranty with no questions asked even when the piece had been purchased second-hand on Audiogon. I would contact them again if I were you.
HI, the problem is that i am in Sydney and i doubt very much that they would fix the problem for free if it is out of warranty.