Krell SACD Standard problem

Hi, I bought a Krell SACD standard about a year ago. Very happy with its performance BUT over the past few days, during disc playback, music suddenly stops and I get a flashing "DISC" sign on the display. Tried the Burt Simpson solution of switching it off and then back on but after a while.. same problem. Help please....I am not very happy as I am located in Greece and it would be a pain to ship this thing to the States for service work plus I have paid about double what people in the States are paying to get hold of this piece of mac(rap)hinery.
Sounds like the laser isn't tracking properly which could be (most likely, but not exclusively) due to:

1.) the lens is dirty, unlikely, but if you can get to it, clean with a q-tip just barely dampened with alcohol, or

2.) the transport rails (that carry the laser pickup carriage back and forth) are dirty (more likely) and or the lubrication is dried out. Clean with a q-tip dampened with Ronsonal lighter fluid (naptha) or if you cant get that a little gasoline or kerosene, and wipe with a dry q-tip. Try it first without adding any lubricant. If it works leave it alone. Otherwise, dampen a q-tip with some light sewing machine oil or similar, and lightly (and I do mean lightly!) wipe th rails with it.

If none of this works, the problem may be elictrical rather than mechanical, but that would be rare.
Your Krell is based on Philips SACD1000 transport and DSP. The failure you're describing is caused by the Servo Controller (MACE) or DSD Decoder (FURORE) or both.

NO ONE can fix your Krell at any price. Send it back to Krell. I hope they will replace it with their new version which is based on a different and more reliable transport.

Sorry for the bad news!

Yes and it also sounds better...I know this first hand and with both ears.Tom
Thanks for the remarks. Does the verdict change if I said that Krell SACD plays redbook CDs non-stop, while the problem appears with SACD playback only?
No and that too will change. Tom
I too had a similar problem with the SACD Standard. The drive mechanism is the cause and Krell will replace it at no cost to you, no problem - if your unit is under warranty, it should be... having said that I hope it was a authorized dealer that sold it to you!!!!!

Dont loose faith yet, I can tell you you'll be very happy once the drive mechanism is all sorted out :-)
OK, I have taken it to the serviceman,he replaced the drive....and after I have used it a couple of times, same problem came up. What do I do? I am really upset with this.
Sounds like Aplhifi has it right. You might want to contact him/her for more details.
I purchased one of these over the summer as a special deal that Krell is pimping out thru a well known dealer. Had the same transport problems, dealer took it back without any hastle. Called up Krell and had a lengthy conversation with their sales manager about the experience. Bottom line, Krell cares more about making a few sales on these defective units than their long-term survival. They lost a customer for life for taking this underhand/deceptive business practice. They tried to make believe that there were no known complaints about the Ver 1. And guess what, they still continue to offer the SACD Standard Ver 1 thru this very same dealer.
Was anyone able to satiusfactorily resolve these issues? I just received a Krell SACD standard and it essentially barfed on the first disc I gave it. Best of all it sent a square wave through the system as it went down. I find it disturbing that Krell is still allowing these units to float around on the market place. Granted it's not like the pinto or a batch of bad meat, but still, when I sit down to listen I want to relax, not crap myself in response to transport failure.
Is this the same transport they used in the 300CD ?
I sent two of them back , because of transport failures...Finally sold the last POS because it sounded like a buzz saw , audio wise. They lost another customer as well .
The one I have had since August sounds better than the first...I have had no transport issues at all.Tom
Well, mine is on its way back to Krell. My local dealer and Krell actually handled the whole affair very nicely, and I'll basically get back a unit with a new transport at no charge. So on the customer service front I have no complaints.
Sdatch when you get the new one let me know how it sounds compared to the original. Tom
Well, I thought I would update this thread since the SACD Standard has returned to my lair. First of all I would like to commend Terry Menacker and Overture Audio (DE) for their assistance in settling this matter - all's well that ends well, I guess. Anyway the unit is not replaced, but the transport is. As such I have not noticed any untoward behavior over the past week and a half that it has been back in my system. It has played everything I have thrown at it and the sound is still S.O.T.A in my opinion. Where I would be careful with this player is the used market - ask for a serial number and run it by Krell to see which transport it has.

For the record, I've been using my SACD Standard for nearly every day since purchasing it new in May 2004 (March '04 Production) and have never had a problem, never a skip, nothing but flawless performance on any DISC I ever put in it. Actually, it's the first CD Player that I have owned (since 1985) that I could say this about. I don't know which transport I have (Ver. 1 or Ver. 2) but no complaints here.