Krell SACD Standard mk3 giving problems AGAIN

I bought this player (then a mk2)a year and a half ago and this will be it's fifth trip to a factory.The player (with Raymedia drive/blue display) refuses to initialise any disc and just spits it back 2 seconds later.The only way i can make it play is to catch it while the disc is inside and go thru a power down/power up sequence.I would give up on this player but afraid that i would be unable to match its sonic character.When it plays music,it does it beautifully.How's your SACD Standard behaving?
P.S. The wait periods at Krell service dept are very frustrating,the last time it took them 3 months to replace a drive.Need some consolation.
Join the crew.....I had a 280cd take about that long. Standard issue.
I have heard Krell has improved their service.
Sold them up to 2001 and they were average.But thought they put price into R&D and marketing and had some poor build compared with many lines at price point.Might be time for swap.