Krell SACD Standard: grinding CDs prob.solved

By pure accident i solved the problem of notoriously noisy transport on Krell SACD Standard.I needed to replace a fuse (switching from Hi-Fi Tuning back to stock)and misplaced the original Krell fuse which was labeled as slow blow 500 mA.Without having one on hand i installed 1 A slow blow fuse and that resolved the problem.The unit runs barely warm (compared to hot with 0.5A fuse inside) and all the noisy CDs are spinning dead quiet now.
I have 2 possible causes for this:
1.because the unit runs a lot cooler now,it prevents some part inside which previously caused the grinding noise ,
from getting expanded because of the heat.
2.because of urestricted current,the whole mechanism is not strainig and operates as it suppose to
Note:the fuse inside my brand new unit was 500 mA,installed at the factory.When i called the tech.dept. to inquire about the fuse,they said the fuse inside according to the technical papers should be 0,8 A.I don't know if it is a quality control issue or what,i am glad the unit is spinning disc and is silent.Too bad i strained thru the grinding noise for the past 3 years.
Fuses are there for the protection of the electronics. The only way a fuse LIMITS current is to blow. I think something else resolved the noise/heat issue. For grins and giggles did you put back the 500ma fuse to see if the heat/noise issue comes back?
I'll try it tmrw.Fuses are limiting current.I realised it when i changed one in my preamp and had to add 10 digits to my volume control to get on the same level as with the stock fuse.
Fuses ares pieces of wire designed to blow/burn when the current is overloaded for its rated specs. I have heard of fuseistors (resistive fuses) but never have seen them in use (I've been repairing computers for 34 years not audio equipment). If I ever had a fuse that would limit current except for beyond its specs I sure would not use it. If its limiting current I would have to say it is resistive (whats the point of that other than to put a load on the noise too but it all equals out in the end). It to me it would be like turning down the volume to reduce the static - hiss - hum etc. Yes you reduced the noise but you just reduced everything else.
Hi Overhang,

Just wanted to come back on this Subject,

Did you ever replace the old fuse? Did the whirring noise come back? Do you have any degradation in sound quality with the 1A fuse?

Many thanks

My Krell Sacd player stop reading and playing disc more than a year ago. Always had a loud transport but loved the sound. took it out yesterday, unpacked it and gave it another try. Same thing. Would not read the disc and tray would open after a minute or so. With nothing to loose, I took the top plate off and used a different fuse. Makes no sense to me, but has worked great ever since, and more quiet than ever. Been using the Showcase Dvd up until the change and it does sound better. Whats going on?