Krell sacd standard

How good it is compair to order cd in the same price range . If i not use alot of DVD . But, it is seam like the
way of the future digital sources ( sacd,dvd-a, cd)
Better than most players out there...sound somewhere along the lines of the Esoteric DV-50..however, the build quality, particularly the disc transport is sub-par
I would agree that the drawer does not inspire confidence, but after talking to Krell techs. and hearing how it locks up when closed was reasurring. I had a BAT player that clanked like that too. It's the way it comes from Phillips.
As I've said before, I've had a lot of digital gear and I think if you get the Krell home hooked up to a balanced system, it is hard to beat for the $. Especially used.