Krell SACD now shipping

Anyone seen it yet?
Saw this player for the first time today. This was the black version just going out on display at a local shop. I could not stay around to audition. Just as well, witness to it coming out of the box and placed upon the rack. Looks cool and business like. I will gladly go back in a few days to listen and report my impressions. This unit had balanced stereo outs for sacd. Rca stereo outs and multi-channel rca outs for sacd. Also co-ax and fiber optic stereo outs for red book cd..Tom
Received my SACD Standard last Thursday and should have my new Krell 400xi intergrated this week. I am currently running the SACD Standard through an inexpensive 60 watt integrated amp (single-ended w/ a cheap $10 dollar interconnect). I can't wait to run it balanced via my Harmonic Tech ProSilway II into the new Krell 400xi. From what I have heard so far, the SACD Standard is very impressive, even with a $10 cable! The filters are a nice feature and the build quality is strong. At 4K, I think that Krell is going to sell a lot of these.
With the filters it sounds like a Sony with a Krell badge. Does it have any digital inputs? Does it load Sacd's quicky or does it take time like most others?
The Krell doesn't have digital inputs only outputs. It does load SACD and RBCD quickly. A solid player that deserves to be heard. I wouldn't compare it to a Sony player just because it has filters.
Jla, your knowledge of this new Krell is impressive.

Will the Krell output a DSD signal? I think we are all waiting for the day when more reasonably priced SACD machines, such as this one, have this feature. Also, is this player stereo or multichannel? Believe it or not, I prefer stereo.

Thanks in advance!
Krell does not output DSD signal. This player does stereo and multi-channel. Has balanced and or rca for stereo..Tom
Today I spent some time listening to the new Krell SACD player at a local shop. I took along some of my special toys that this dealer has elected not to carry. Sonoran Signature Plateau single ended cables. One pair from cd to pre one pair pre to power. Also had two Sonoran Plateau power cables for cd and preamp. A Sistrum Sp101 Platform and Apcd discs were used between the top shelf of a Furniture Works 5 Tall stand and the Krell Sacd Standard. Martin Logan Odessey was the speaker pair, powered by a Krell amp and preamp. I have forgotten the Krell model numbers. The pre was in the 3k range the amp was 4k. The speaker cables were a single 10 ft run of Audioquest Clear, silver over copper. Let me tell you I never played a SACD on this Krell player. All I played were Red Book standard cd's. Every SACD player I have heard in the past has been a major disappointment playing anything from my standard only, cd collection. I wanted to hear this player with material I am very familar with and would have access to on a daily basis. The new Ben Harper cd is one of my favorites. Ben would have been proud of himself being played back on this Krell. What I finally heard was wonderful staging and great dynamics. The depth of field was real and not exaggerated. Focus was sharp yet textured and very convincing. The best trait was the vertical height and air presented to me from material I listen to every week. Wow. The Krell was never etched or harsh playing Norah Jones, Hendrix, Sting, P-Funk, Sonny Boy Williamson or many classical guitar selections. Like at home on a good nite when the high-fi is most ripe I tend to nod off. This is when I know all is well. Well I nodded off in the show room in my musical trance knowing the Krell SACD Standard was a true contender. Six days previous I heard an Audio Note cd player in the same setup and with my same toys brought along. The Krell was just as engaging and more specific with a larger vertical stage when referenced with this tube output, cd only player. Next step for me is to see if the dealer will allow me to audition this, what I think is a great value player, in my system at home! To be continued..Tom
Tom, thanks for the update. I have not seen this player yet but I am very interested in how it performs. Keep us posted.
Just wonder if this unit play CD-R/CD-RW. Anybody Know?