Krell SACD-new review in Hi-fi+

I know there's been some debate about this player and the reviews it has received.
In short, the new issue of HI-FI+ magazine gives a pretty favourable review stating the SACD playback good for the money but maybe lacking the quality of the higher end SACD machines.CD replay is compared to a similar level as the Ayre CX-7 but not up with higher end machines.
Also states filter selection important (they go for 1) and that isolation is crucial also.
Hope this helps 'goners interested in the player.
Just received mine today..Sounds killer right out of the box..Even better after the first hour of play time. No such thing as isolation. Sounds great looks cool on my Sistrum Sp6 rack...I intend to write more about this player as time allows and breakin becomes reality..Tom
Wow! Wall to wall stage. 21.5 feet wide 9 feet tall. Tom
Turn the volume down mate!!!
Ben its not the volume its the resolution...thats filling the space around me...Its a sight to see...Tom
Only joking Tom sounds like you are going to have a great time this Christmas.
I have yet to receive HiFi+ #27. Is the review in #27, or #28 (which I see is on the 'stands in the UK)?

Everytime an issue is late, I wonder if there's a postman
into high end perusing my copy!

Hey, Ben, your old pal Joe here. I intend on auditioning this player this week. Will post my impressions afterwards, for those looking forward to it(or not).
914 NUT it is indeed issue 28.
Joe I do post relevant SACD info if I think Audiogon members haven't came across it or I might have a lead on it.
Despite my reputation I do post a lot of SACD related stuff-let us know how it goes-seems to be a contentous player which is why I posted this.