Krell sacd+Chord Dac64 Help please

I have Krell Sacd player and use it with coupling my Chord Dac64 for redbook cds,I am really happy with this combo performance but I have a popping problem,when I choose a track
or normally start playing a redbook cd ,dac is geting locked
for 5-6 seconds and then unlocking with a popping sound.
I have to mute my preamp before I change a track or beginning a new cd till my dac unlock, there is not any other locking
status so long cd plays and finish unless you choose a track number.
I need your advice and thanks in advance.
There is an incompability between dac64 and universal players
digital out communicity though Krell redbook performance was
good enough my Vecteur Chord combo easily beat it and I have sold Krell and bought Cambridge Audio Azur dvda player I am using its digital out for dvda (24x96) with dac64 and never miss the sacd performance for high-rez spectrum.
Doesn't the dac 64 have a reclocking set up that can be bypassed? That my ay be it. You may also have a static build up or a short.
Yes this popping occur with all buffer settings,as Nighthawk
mentioned ,almost all sacd players make such kind problems
with Chord dac64 while they are sending signal from digital outs to the Chord,I have just written a mail to Chord for this
problem and hope they will help,otherwise I use always mute,play,pause,mute off,play buttons of the two remote.
I tried a DAC64 with a Sony 999ES a few months ago and had similar problems. The DAC64 seemed to have a hard time locking to its output. It seemed like the 999ES was turning off its digital output whenever the transport was stopped and this drove the DAC64 nuts. The DAC64 worked a lot better with an old Denon DCD-1500II CD player I have that seems to maintain a constant digital output stream. I returned the DAC64 because of the incompatibility problem with the 999ES. Maybe your Krell is doing a similar thing.
I use my dac64 with 2 second buffer and there was not such a poping when I used many other cd transports with it.
I think it is just because of the sacd technology that it causes some
noise before the music starts while it is searching track begining and this noise locks Chord for 4-5 second then it unlocks with a poping sound
thats what I guess for now.
Just out of curiosity, the Chord DAC 64 has optional short buffer, long buffer, no buffer. Does this popping occur with all the settings, or just with one? Just a thought.
Hope you resolve your problem.
The DAC 64 has a 4 second delay, not sure about the popping sound though.

Happy Listening.
Ben I have the Krell and love it,especially on a Sistrum Platform and using a Sonoran Plateau power cord. I have a couple of outboard DAC's laying around I will try one and hear what I may hear and let you know the results. Tom