krell s300i power cord - is it rather small?

hi. is the power cord for the s300i rather small? 1/4" wide when measured? also should there be any identifying marks that say it's a krell or belongs to the s300i? HO SHENG PVC INSULATED COPPER WIRE & CABLE - does anyone else have that on theirs? it seems small.

Since it is made in China this would not be surprising. I am not criticizing it, I intend to get one for my HT when I sell some of my other equipment. I have replaced the stock cord on every thing I have; it will give you a boost in performance. At least it has in mine and that includes a power amp the cost over $10,000 new. I don't mean break the bank, get a good used one in the $100-150 range by a good company. I have found the older PS Audio to be good but there are a lot of choices. The Big E is probably going to suggest Pangea, I haven't tried them; a friend did and it was so stiff it lifted his CD player into the air. Shouldn't be a problem with the Krell though.
i'll definitely invest in a decent power cord, but like you said i probably won't break the bank. in the meantime though i hope this cord doesn't evaporate. i don't listen to high volumes but still that darn krell can have a way of sucking power! ok, it's just an integrated :)
I am the big E now? Yes, Pangea has new 9 cord on the way!
It is NOT currently available, but the newest Summer catalog from Audio Advisor has a new Pangea 9SE coming out. The actual telephone folks there do not know when it will arrive. it is more expensive, and i am not certain I will buy more than one for my amp, but it is another interesting cord coming from Pangea. The new cord is going to be about half again as expensive, so from a usual power cord prspective, it is still a decent deal.
The Pangea 9 is not made for CD players anyway!! why stick one on a CD player? (I have too, but I did not complain about it!!)
Just get a simple, aftermarket power cord. Shunyata Diamondback springs to mind.
My friend did it after I told him PCs made a difference; his 8 watt Heathkit has a captive one. He didn't complain, just sent it back as it made him uneasy looking at the levitating CD player. I have Oyaide GPX on both my transport and DAC power supply, the power supply is turned sideways unless I put a VPI Magic Brick on it. However, both sound noticeably better with the Oyaide than some cheaper cords I have used. Applying "BIg" before a persons initial is a mark of respectful familiarity; WAY better than LIZZIE, which is what we use to call my sister Elisabeth.