Krell S1200u volume fluctuations

Recently purchased a used S1200u pre pro. I'm having an issue of volume level fluctuations when I use streaming apps and cable tv. I will put on a program and set a comfortable listening level. If I pause the program, then resume, the volume level will be MUCH lower than previously set. This happens whether it be Spectrum cable, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. The only scenario that this does NOT happen is if the S1200u is in Preamp mode. That works fine. So if I'm playing a CD or streaming audio , there are no issues. All Trim levels are set to "0".  Anyone else run into this?  
Thank You,
I have had experiences with blurays that have the Dolby TrueHD encoding.  When I hit pause and then hit play or rewind, the S1200U will sometimes set the volume much louder than it's supposed to be.  I think what is happening is that the DSP is losing the current volume trim when the digital audio data is interrupted.  I have found that hitting the "Mode 1" button on the remote resolves this by forcing the Krell to re-examine and lock onto the audio signal again.