KRELL S-300i How does it sound ?

Compared to Simaudio or any other intergrated in the 2500.00 price range? I have not seen any reviews yet, any information would be great.
Why would you be considering a 300i, which is discontinued when you can have a 400XI new in that price range. It is a very sweet piece, I love mine.
The S 300i is brand new. You are confusing it with the 300 iL from the KAV series. This is the S series. It is a step down from the 400 xi (or, at least as series go, I have not heard it)
I have never heard of the S 300i.
The S series is part of the KSA line which did not have an intergrated amp in the series. Please elaborate.

I guess I missed out on the release of this new product. Looks great.

If in doubt, go for the Krell, if only for the fact that Krell's resale can't be beat.

(Krell owner)
Please see krells website for this new release. If anyone has auditioned one, please let me know Thanks
I heard it this weekend with the head units from Krells new speakers, it was really sweet and musical, Dan said they incorporated much of the Evo technology into that amp and actually built it as a separate amp and pre-amp inside one box. It is a steal at $2500.

I doesn't have the balls of my Evo 403, but it's not meant to....
i understand that it also provides for a direct Ipod interface also (like the KID)
The S-300i gets you about 85% TO 90% of the sound of the Krell F.B.I ! $$$$
Did anyone have a chance to compare the S-300i to the 400xi it is replacing ?
When will Krell S-300i be launched on the market?
There is already on used in the classifieds ...
Kennyt, what were they using for a CDP? My S300i is up for sale FYI...goin FBI:)
Change that..I'm holdin on to the S300i afterall:) Check out the new HiFi news review at the Krell website!!
I'm not sure Ken Kessler has ever reviewed a Krell integrated before this one. The praise does seem over the top. HiFi News must have recently been invited to a Factory tour. I'm sure the amplifier sounds good, I like my Krell...but honestly...that was over the top.
Lush, I also adopted Harmonic Technologies Reference Pro 9 speaker cables and Truth Link XLR's for my system. By the way, Ken Kessler is one of the best guys they have next to Martin Colloms.
KK has reviewed the original KAV-300i before.
Had a repair done to my's even better sounding than I thought:)

How does it sound compared to your old 400xi ?
The S300i has the control and refinement of more costlier seperates i.e..the Levinson 360s and 334 combo i once owned. Soundstaging is far less vague and more holographic with great image placement and layering of instruments. Bass definition is increased along with a more open and extended high end. Body and weight of the instruments seem far more solid and palpable as well. The only possible downside for some will be the fact that it is definately more neutral vs the warmer sound of the 400xi...not worlds apart, but just a tad more honest and less colored (very much like the Evolution components). Good or Bad? I think S300i is a gift for those who want seperates performance in a compact package.
Tmcao's S300's en route (to arrive Thurs). I'll post feedback this weekend. Will pair w/ML Vantages.

Dave_b - thanks for all the comments.
I went back to the 400xi and sold my was just too cool and forward sounding for me in the long run, despite how good the S300i is..FYI:)
Is it true that the new Krell integrated S-300i is =made in China= ??
YES! Shhhhh....problems are already afoot.
How do you know ? Does it have Made in China sticker ?
Well I owned one (yes), I talked with Brett D'Agostino about the venutre into "Made in China" gear before it's launch. The CDP will be out sometime this year. My dealer also was aware of the Chinese manufacturing issue. The parts are off the shelf and they have already experienced some grounding issues with the S300i:) Anything else you want to know?
Thanks Dave_B, it's rather disappointing information... I think many Krell fans would accept rather a price increase that "Made in P.R.C." sticker.
>>02-23-09: Dave_b
Anything else you want to know?<<


Does the new Chinese Krell work well with moo goo gui pan?
Not a good match for Moo Goo Gui Pan...leaves a bad taste in your mouth:O(
Both give me indigestion.
Is the new player gonna be CD/SACD or Red Book only ?
Disappointing. I will be going back to Cylon technology.
I did not pursue Brett for information regarding the CDP due to my dissapointment with the S300i. Since they are making the stuff in the PRC it better have SACD onboard.

Not necessarly. CD transport mechanisms are much more reliable than CD/SACD drives.

IMO they would bo much better with CD drive and digital input of some kind (USB or SPDiF). PC Audio is gonna kill SACD anyway.
>>02-26-09: Elberoth2
CD transport mechanisms are much more reliable than CD/SACD drives<<

Seems to me the world's finest drives, made by Teac, are CD/SACD.

I'm talking in general. The drive you are reffering to can be found in a prolly less than 0,1% of audiophile players. 99,9% manufacturers use Sony, Philips and various DVD drives which are nowhere near as reliable as Red Book only drives.