Krell s-275 VS Mark Levinson 334

I am looking to the possibility of replacing my 10 years old Mark Levinson 334 with a brand new Krell 275.
The reason behind this change is my idea that

- Electronic once gets old, its failure rate is very much higher and should be sold off while it still works.

- Electronic (Solid state amp) should sound better with the technology advancement. And more importantly its size reduce. Levinson is appx 50 kg, while Krell's is 25 kg only

I have not had a chance to listen to Krell's 275 yet,
Your ideas are more than welcome

thank you.

I quite agree with your reason. However, I don't think your opinion about moving from mark334 to krell275 is a good choice. Since no Dan D in Krell anymore. Moreover, most Krell line except EVO line such as s300i come from China. I'm not sure about 275 one.

Btw, can you describe the rest of your system & budget?

Ps. I'm from Thailand as you also.

Go with Krell. Mark Levinson is now Harman Kardon.
I have owned and enjoyed both, however...
Buy the Krell,end of story.