krell s-275

Did anybody had a chance to hear a new Krell S-275 amp ? Any experiences ?
I would also be very interested. Anyone? How does it compare to the EVO line?
The question is still on the table - is anyone using this amp?
I just bought one based on an excellent audition at my dealers, where we compared it to the big Krell Evo 402e and my PS Audio GCC-250.

The 402e was used as the reference (it really is a great sounding amp...I can't really find anything at fault with its performance). The smaller S-275 sounded very similar to the bigger 402e - which is what sold me.

The GCC-250 is truly hard to beat in the bass department, but it gives up some detail and control in the upper frequencies. The S-275 provided every bit as much bass definition, control and power as the GCC-250 and it also provided noticeably better detail and control in the presence region (better upper frequency resolution...and a bit better focus in the midrange). Frankly, I expected it to be way better than the GCC-250, but it wasn't (the little GCC-250 is that good). The S-275 does however, provide noticeably better performance in the areas where the GCC-250 is the weakest (upper frequency resolution and control). I also believe that the S-275 presented instruments in a more realistic manner (i.e.: textures, timbre, presence...etc.)

Similarly, the 402e is better in all of the above areas, but not by a very large margin. I expected the 402e to really trounce the much less expensive S-275. That wasnÂ’t the case though; the S-275 provides a very big taste of what you get with the 402e.

For what it's worth...

I don't have the 275 amp but I would like to make an observation about your conclusion. I have a Krell KSA-100s, Krell 200C and a Krell evo 300, I agree with you on the fact that The krell evo series is better than the other amps but not by much. I think when your at this level of amps ($$$$) and quality you are not going to have another amp Blow away another amp. Good take on that -- I have always wanted to be blown away when I get a new amp but...

just have anyone listen to the different amps and usually they can't tell a "blow away" difference -- unless their the ones putting out the money (Ha).
To me all the Krell amps I have owned are good amps and I have no problems with mine now or before.
Keep doing what your doing man!
I have owned lots of Krell equipment over the years. If you want to hear something that will blow you away, audition the new Krell pre-amps (Evo 2, or Evo 202, or Evo 707), they are amazing and improve sound in every way from the older pre-amps. It is obvious, immediately noticeable, no A-B comparison is needed). Pre-amps boost the signal more than amps and can have a larger affect on sound than amps.