Krell Resolution 3 vs Dynaudio C1; Focal Micro Be

Being interested in purchasing the Krell Res. 3 standmount, I'de like to hear overhere first-hand experiences concerning sonics, amp sinergy issues, positioning etc

Since I already own or used to own some classy standmounts (Dyn C1, Focal Micro Utopia Be among others), maybe some comparisons could give some additional light...

Listening mostly jazz.

Perhaps the difference will be in 8 inch mid bass driver in the Krell Res. 3.
Auditioned the Focal Micro and Dali Helicon 300 and really it was a toss up.
My decision later leaned toward the Dali for several reasons but I could have
lived with the Focal with no problem. Loved the Focal tweeter but loved the
Dali ribbon-tweeter combo better.

I listen to a lot of instrumental Jazz. The mid range and treble are my main
listening patterns specifically drums, percussion and bass. The Dali or Focal @
4 ohms with 6 inch woofer is great if you have the right amp(s) (like two
MC275 tube amps run in mono) to push it. If you have the Krell with the 8
inch woofer you should have deeper and more extended bass. Krell Res. 3
also is 4 ohm speaker that is bi-wired rated at 200 watts similar to Focal and

My listening room is small with a short setup. The Dali's are not very picky in
room placement, meaning I don't have to toe them in to image. You can place
the Dali's 9 inches from the wall. The Focal may require more distance from
the wall but I cannot remember the proper distance.
I have owned the Resolution 3's for three years. At the time I bought them I auditioned the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor and the mbl 311 E. Lapierre is right on the money--the 8" woofer of the Krell gives the music an added weight that was missing from the other two.

The Krells have been great. I live in a studio apartment where standmounts are a good choice. The speakers are 78" apart, measured tweeter to tweeter. I tried 6' apart and it didn't sound as good, so in my opinion 78" is the minumum. They are rear ported so I imagine they can't be too close to the wall, mine are 22" measured from wall to the back of the speaker, and this seems fine.

These speakers can play very, very loud, but sound great at low levels as well. They are quite "musical," but the 8" woofer means they can boogie as well. I tapped my feet auditioning them, which I did not do with the SF or mbl.

The speakers look great. The cabinet style has a lot of eye appeal, the cherry finish is beautiful. The SF-like string grill looks great. I use a mbl 7008 integrated amp and these speakers sound great with it. I also auditioned them with the Mcintosh MA2275 tube integrated amp, and it sounded great. But I wanted to go solid state since the amp gets a lot of use as I use it to play movies through the speakers as well as music.

My gut feeling is that I'd have to triple the price I paid before I would consider upgrading.

So what's not to like? They look great, they sound great, they've got the Krell build quality...

I can't comment on the Dynaudio or Focal because I haven't heard them.

Pic of my system: