Krell Resolution 2 - suitable upgrade??

I have budgeted about 15K for a suitable replacement. To then end I am searching for suggestions, especially from those who have heard the Krells. I have auditioned Sonus Faber Cremona M's. Very nice sound, very musical however not enough of a difference to replace the Krell's. Music I use to audition is: Michael Hedges any track , TELARC Aaron Copeland Fanfare for the Common Man, Sheffield Lab Pressure Cooker, and Dianne Reeves.
Thanks!! - HP
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Hugh, unless you are talking 15k used, keep the 2s. You will just be moving sideways. Sorry, but you will need to almost double the budget.
Hello Zieman - Yes 15K would have to be "pre-owned" as I would like to refer to it :) A very nice gentleman who owns a high end store in my city basically said the same thing. He suggested this afternoon after auditioning that my taste for sound stage, resolution plus clarity/slam at high playback levels - the only choice he could think of are Wilson Watt puppy 7's. The auditions I have done confirm (so far) that I made a good choice to begin with.
At that level it would seem the curve is pretty 'steep'.
Check out the thread on 'how much is a good system' and see what other people think!
I had the Krell Resolution 1 and upgraded to WP7s. The Wilsons have a lot tighter, faster bass and clearer tone. I used Spectron MIIISe and VTL TL7.5 pre.
If the speakers have not sold, I will demo a "pre-owned" pair of LAT-1's in a few weeks. I also will demo a set of WP 7's. I have brefly heard the WP's and was intially impressed by the sound stage and clarity. i'll check this thread now too. thanks folks.
Update from original poster:
I have purchased the WP7's going out on a limb somewhat by relying on a few trusted dealers advice. Had them for about 4 days now. The LAT-1's were too hard to work out an audition. The Revels were also in the same boat. The WP's I have heard for about 10 minutes but was very impressed. So - the following are my impressions regarding the Krell Res2 vs. the WP's. Some may find this informative but let me be clear that I am "not" an expert nor a pontificate. I only voice my impressions, however basic they may be.

Main listening is 2 channel audio only - second is Home Theater mode.

The upstream equipment: Krell FBP 350MCX monos, Krell HTS 7.1 Pre/Pro, Rotel CD player, Sony PS3 BluRay, Audioquest XLRs and Monster cable 12 gauge wire doubled up to 6 gauge with VidaBlue pure copper crimps and connectors (yes I cannot rationalize the expense for high end wire at least not yet).

The Krells:
"Used" these are a fantastic price/performance point. They have a monstrous sound stage and slam. They can play are a ridiculous SPL level with no compression at all. True concert level loudness is doable. Bass is acceptably tight and very FULL, maybe too much depending on the room acoustics. I find I needed much more than bass traps in the corners. The wall of music is huge and clear. Frankly for home theater they are more dramatic than the WP's. Why? - I will get to that in a moment as I discuss the WP's. Highs are silky however mids and highs are NO comparison to the WP's which are simply in another league. In fact I now feel that the Krells maybe had a bit of very high sonic distortion that I could never quit put my finger on because it was so subtle - let me be clear though the highs are very good on the Krell's - the WP's are just beyond what I thought was possible. Bass again - the Krell has tremendous slam - the WP's are not bass deficient at all just so much tighter and less boomy that side by side some may feel the WP's are lacking in bass which is not the case - they are just without bloom or boom. However the DVD of Master and Commander with the Naval gun battles was allot of fun with the Krells. The Krells will fill a large room with clean sound without a fussy setup. In my room of only 11.5 feet wide by 23 feet deep the WP's require an exacting setup that fires the energy to a specific spot, the Krells did not care - but oh the WPs! more in a moment. I feel the Krells were hard to replace. I auditioned Sonus Faber Cremona M , Theil 3.7 and some small Burmeister's for about 20 minutes per. Granted not a long time. All were "very" good. The SF's had a beautiful sound with amazing bass from a speaker of it's size - just none of them were so much better for me to part with the Krells.

Wilson WATT Puppy 7's:
So I went out on a limb and bought a perfect used pair from Paragone Site and Sound. Larry the owner is terrific and went way beyond the call of duty. I high recommend them for the high end market.
Setup in my narrow room was critical. I liken it to a pair of binoculars or better yet a high end APO refractor ( an expensive telescope). When focus is approached the image literally "snaps" into focus when found. That is the way of the WattP's. The focus point for me was a dramatic event that is unmistakable. Once in focus I found the sweet spot was about 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Oh but once in that bubble!! I have never heard a three dimensional stage like this. Its like wearing headphones --- no -- its like being in a set of headphones. The speakers completely disappeared and a three decisional invisible sound stage floated in front of me. Simply fantastic. Michael Hedges acoustic slaps were almost visible and tactile. I brought my wife down who minored in Music and who was an accomplished student in here prime and she was stunned. Acoustic music is the WP's strongest point. Jazz is also terrific especially with vocals. Dianne Reeves is ravishing. Her voice is like a wonderful instrument and I had a reach out and touch sense here too. My wife felt she could literally feel her turn to and from the mike as she sang. Bass is extremely tight and fast. Percussiveness (air movement) is not as strongly felt as in the Krells however I happen to have Velodyne 18" sub (with SMS-1) that I have tuned to work with the WP's. Its not the WP's need it but I like the extra low level reinforcement and movement of air without muddying the super tight punch of the WP's. Now if I stand outside the bubble I must honestly say someone who had heard the Krell's in my room would say I had made a big mistake. Yes in my 11 foot room is was that dramatic. However place them in the "bubble" and see them melt in the seat. The WP's can also be seriously cranked and YES THAT fills the room with slam just like the Krells regardless of where you. However those SPL levels are overwhelming in the bubble. You just don't need to crank the power there due to the energy is so focused. I can play the WP's are a much lower amp level and achieve the same sonic pleasure and slam as compared to the Krells. Ok am I happy with the WP's? Absolutely. 2 channel excellence was my main goal and the WP's are stunning albeit they do need the correct setup.

Hope you enjoyed the diatribe!

You should of had went to see Harry and listened to the Vandersteen 5A before you bought the WP7. I had the WP6 WP7 and WP8 and I can tell you that they can't do what the 5A's can.

BTW Larry is a crook and you will figure that out one day.
mtdking unless you want to fly Harry to Atlanta for me then no I cannot go see Harry whomever he is. Dark tone here dude. Its always nice to have a new something and then have someone come along and say but my turbo is bigger or my lawnmower is a Kubota not a crummy John Deer. Geez.
Hugh, I think for your tastes and preferences, you did well and should be very happy. I don't know anything about the dealer mdtking mentions but I think you were smart to build a relationship and rely on guidance. That's what they are there for. Many folks buy with improper or no guidance/advice and ultimately end up dissatisfied, regardless of amount spent or 'saved'.

I think you made the right choice(s) and you should enjoy your system immensely.

having gone from Krell Res1 to WP7s I kind of know what youre experiencing. If I might make a suggestion you can add a sub to the WP7s and it will get even better. It needs to be a fast one though. A velodyne SPL1200R was a bit on the slow side in my room.
Thanks much guys for the constructive feedback. Perrew the velodybe HG-18 I have seems like a good match so far. What crossover point are you using? - Hugh