KRELL RESOLUTION 1's comparisons ??

I was looking into a pair of ones and was wondering if they are worth buying,in terms of sonics,value,and/or problems?
Are they sonically worth it...i have owned PMC IB1's(good speakers)but was looking for a little more spl and have recently bought the Resolution 3's and the wife likes the looks.Has anyone compared the sonics,also do thy have any problem factors(such as bad caps,tweeter,woofers,etc.).
Lastly,are they worth it...the PMC's would have cost me $15,000 for MB2's..way over my $5500 budget..??
thanks John
The Resolution series was a great series of speakers and surprised many - in that Krell has always been more notable for their amplifiers. I have heard the Resolution 1s and I own the Resolution IIs. Both speakers are very dynamic and will play incredibly loud while maintaining excellent control. Both speakers are exceptionally cohesive. The Ring Tweeter provides very smooth top end, which works well within the vocals range.
While great speakers, there is a trade off (which is always - "usually" the case). These speakers will rock big time - incredible on rock, pop, hard rock and big orchestral passages (female vocals are very smooth). Their drawback is in resolution. They seem to be voices on the warm side; and on delicate musical passages and acoustic pieces I find them less resolving than I would like (like a good monitor). If you can bring them well into your room at least four to five feet from the rear wall (behind the speakers) and at least three feet (more would be better) from the side walls, I think they will open up really well. I am not able to bring mine into the room more than a couple of feet and I believe that this affects their resolving capacity (bass node).

Every time I crank Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Santana (any of the classic hard rock) I am Soooo glad I have the Krells. However, each time I listen to acoustic jazz and delicate classical arrangements - even some good old acoustic folk and bluegrass, I feel the need for more resolution (mid-range refinement). I have often considered going to a stand-mounted small monitor for better resolution and sound staging. I would have to give up the dynamics of the Krells though (I'm not ready to do that).

So, it really depends on what type of music you prefer and the way you like to play it. If you're like me and love to rock and also love to listen deep into the more delicate genres, there will be a trade off.

Really, the ideal situation would be to have two different systems in two different sound rooms (wouldnÂ’t that be nice).
The Resolution 1 was very well received and excellent reviews can be found online, including Stereophile and Stereo Times. I never heard it or the 2, but I have owned the 3's for four years. Great speaker. I've read that the Resolution series was discontinued because it ended up being too expensive to manufacture for the price points Krell was shooting for. But I don't know if that's true or just a rumor.

My long-term impressions of my 3's are a little different than 2chnlben and his 2's. I completetly agree about the power handling--my standmounted 3's can play unbelievably loud--landlord breaks your lease and kicks you out loud. But not one hint of distortion. Acoustic music on the 3's is great: one of my favorite albums is The Grateful Dead's Reckoning, an acoustic set from 1980. Fantastic stuff. However, I recetly heard one of the cheaper Audio Note bookshelf speakers (it may have been the AX-2, $1,000) and the sounds coming from the tweeter made me stop and think about what kind of sound I should be looking for. It had this delicacy that the Krell doesn't have...a delicious delicacy. Anyway, where I think the 3's are weak is classical music. I just don't think the 3's are ideal at repoducing an orchestra. Repectable, of course. But not the 3's strong suit IMO.

I really went off-topic--sorry. I just don't see how somone could go wrong with Resolution Ones. Because they are no longer in production, and they weren't outrageously expensive to begin with (I think $11,000), I but they can be picked up for a very reasonable price used. I haven't seen a pair here on audiogon in awhile, but I definately have not so long ago. The only drawbacks I can think of offhand is that they are heavy.
Re-reading the above, actually I think my impressions of the Krell Resolution are more close than different than 2chnlben. These speakers do rock. They are great on pop. They do female vocals well. I mostly listen to the Grateful Dead and Shirley Bassey.
thanks guys for your info.