Krell Resolution 1 or Vandy 3A sig

Would like to hear any opinions regarding these two speakers. I know the Krells are much more expensive and may be in completely different league. My room is 13'wide X 35' long with 8' ceiling. Associated gear will be VTL MB 450 amps, Wadia 861 cd, Supratek Chennin pre amp and (2) Vand 2WQ subs.

Perfect equipment for the 3A Sigs.
I have to go along with the Krell, whole different class.
Only you can sat what you like. The Vandersteen's are no doubt the better deal for the money but there are alot of speakers in between the prices that are excellent.
Considering the price of the Krell speaker wouldn't it make more sense to compare/contrast it with the Vandersteen 5A speaker?
Agaffer I believe that the 5A is around $15,000.00 and the krell is $8,000.00. I was just wondering if people with experience with both speakers thought that the 3As were possibly as good as the Krell but for a lot less money. Thanks for your input.
I was looking in Stereophile and the Krell was listed as $11,000 which would definitely put it closer to the 5A's
I do think the 3A Sigs are one of the great buys in all of audio. I think, from looking at the review only, that the Krell is a little pricey for what you get but that's just me.
You need to listen for yourself and decide. So much of this is personal preference. I do think when looking at $11,000, your options are wide open.
The 3A Sig is a little fussy about placement but rewards you for your time. The 5A is the best, most put together sounding speaker I have heard to date and will be my next purchase this summer.
Also, vandersteen does make the "Quattro" loudspeaker at $6500 that is reported to be a slight improvement over the 3A Sigs. It has built in subs.
Thanks to all for your responses. I decided to go with the 3Asigs and should be enjoying them by next week. I noticed that the 3A sigs are 87 db while my current 2Ce sigs are 86 db yet reccomended power for the 3A sig is considerably more. Will they be harder to drive for my VTL MB 125s than the 2ce? I was hoping to hold off on higher powered amps for awhile. Thanks again for the help.