Krell "cast" vs. xlr

Serious hypothetical question for experienced Krell fans.If you took a Krell EVO 505 player and connected it via "cast" into an all cast Krell system and then tried an xlr connection from the 505, what would you expect to hear as the salient differences between the two ? Assume that the xlr cable is something really good like Kubala Sosna etc.I really would like some opinions.
Good morning. I am running a Krell FPB300cx thru a Krell KCT and asked my self the same question. I originally was running a KRC-2 pre and had the chance to upgrade to the KCT. Initially running the KCT thru CAST I felt the bass was a bit lean compared to the KRC2, which seems contrary to what others have noted. I switched back to the XLR connection using a Cardas Quadlink and an still analyzing the sound. I may try the KRC2 again soon and compare once more. I don't feel the sound is that much different between the CAST vs XLR but it will take a bit more evualuation I believe. All in all in my opinion not a night & day difference. The XLR with the Cardas Quadlink works great with my system. Give it a shot and see what your opinion is. I would like to hear your outcome.
Good luck, John
I enjoy cast over XLR. The sound is alittle bit laid back but more definition in the sound.
Which CAST cable? Apparently Krell has a new cable called MMF and there are a couple of others on the mkt.
Though many will disagree with me, I tried a couple of different CAST cables and it didn't matter, consistent with Dan D'Agostinos approach to this current domain, high impedance output into low imedance input configuration. Choose on the basis of price and all will be well. I bought the standard Krell issue, circa 2003.