Krell preamp KRS balanced user manual ???

hi everybody

I recently bought a krell Krs balanced preamp. It is impossible to find any specification or manual on internet.

has anyone got a copy of the user manual ? Anyone has used already this preamp ?
Are you still looking for this manual? I have it, all 2 pages of it.
yes I am still looking for this manual on Krell Preamp KRS 1 balanced. It seems that a few people own this preamp. I was wandering also if changing the capacitance is required after 20 years and if this has an impact on the sound since it is said that there is no capacitance on the audio path.
Apogee, there's a guy on Ebay selling this Krell KRS 1A preamp.
You should ask him.

Hi picking up this old threat, I have the same challenge. Just found an immaculate 6-pack Krell KRS Balanced but no manual. @apogee_paris have you been successful in your search? Thank you!